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                              Ashwin - An Indian

Officer in the Indian Army

As an officer in the Indian Army, you will be heir to a glorious heritage. Blended perfectly with the latest in hi-technology, training techniques and strategic doctrines. You will be part of one of the world's finest Armies. Trained not just to be an officer, but a SOLDIER'S SOLDIER.

You are a Special Person

Every year, thousands apply to become officers. Only a handful get through. You could be one of the chosen few. Do you have it in you? The time has come. To tighten your belt. To brace yourself for the road ahead. To choose the right path. The path that will decide where your life goes from here. Are you ready for the decision that will change your life forever? The Indian Army is looking for a few good men & women. A few of the best and the brightest. A few with fire in their belly. A few with intellect, idealism and courage. If you have it in you, we’re looking for you.

We build Men and Women of Character

An Indian Army Officer is the hallmark of what every human being aspires to be….. a pillar of strength and courage, whose mettle has been put through the acid test time and again. A career in the Army. It will teach you to face the toughest of situations in life with panache you have never known before. It will help you become a multidimensional personality who will be a force to reckon with. Interested? UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITIES While the Indian Army trains you in the art of war the curriculum consists of academic subjects too. Besides it also gives you ample scope to acquire new skills constantly. You can participate in activities like river rafting, para jumping, rock climbing, trekking, mountaineering or even desert safaris. When it comes to adventure and sports, there’s no place like the army.

Unparalleled Education

The Indian Army is a place where you’ll never stop learning. Nowhere else can you get such phenomenal opportunities to constantly hone and upgrade your skills. NDA awards you a Bachelor’s degree in Arts, Science or Computer Science on completion of your training. If you join the technical stream, you will be offered a Graduate and Post Graduate degree in Engineering from one of the finest institutes of technology in the country. If you are selected for the prestigious Defence Services Staff College course. You’ll be awarded a Master of Science degree in Defence and Strategic Studies. The Indian Army also runs some of the country’s most prestigious academies and institutes. This covers a wide range of subjects from engineering to medicine, administration to strategy, and armament technology to management. The choice is indeed limitless. In fact, you can even get into Research & Development, if you desire. That’s not all. You can also take a study leave amidst your tenure for an added educational qualification.

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